Creating a Pro Football Team Scrapbook

For all pro football team lovers, watching Sunday or Monday football is a weekly ritual. They watch every game their team plays and if it’s at all possible, they will even try to get to a game every now and then.

Football Team Sketch

For the pro football lover, you can create a scrapbook for their favorite team and work on it throughout the entire season. This would make a perfect birthday gift for someone or if you can wait long enough, you could give it to the perfect dad for father’s day.

Here are some things you can include in your scrapbook.

  • Newspaper clippings from the game
  • Weekly standings in the newspaper or from the NFL website
  • Information found on the particular team’s website
  • Pictures taken when you attend an in person game
  • Football cards from their favorite players
  • Programs purchased at the game or from someone on eBay
  • Pictures taken during game parties
  • Pictures of things you see that mention your football team
Football Chipboard Album

Now you will need to gather this information on a weekly basis. It will be easier to do that then it would be to gather it all at once. You may miss things doing it that way and you don’t want to have that happen.

Plan to spend some time on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday gathering items from the newspaper, magazines, and the internet that you can possibly use in your scrapbook. You can either put your scrapbook together weekly or save all your items and put it together all at once. Make sure you date the items you gather if you don’t put it together weekly. You will want to make sure everything is in the proper order and dating them will make this happen.

Football Scrapbook Products

Coordinate the entire album using football papers, embellishments and stickers.

The special guy you will give this to will appreciate it more than you will probably ever know. It will be worth the time you put into it when you see the look on his face.

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