Indoor Soccer is Starting Soon

In some communities where it gets cold outside, they offer indoor soccer for the younger children. These types of activities may be offered through the YMCA, the

I know it’s not indoor soccer but it’s a Soccer Layout

Recreation Center, or the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. If your child is into this type of sport, you can create a scrapbook for the entire season.

Start off by taking pictures of the practices. The first practice might be a meet and greet type practice so it’s possible that not a lot of soccer play will be found. Still take pictures anyway because it’s a unique time in the season.

You should receive a schedule at this point, so you’ll want to make a copy of it so you can put it in your scrapbook. This schedule will probably contain both practice and game days. You can either leave the paper as is or you can highlight or some how mark it so you know which team your child is own and when it’s there turn to play.

Continue to take pictures during each practice and game and make sure you mark the day so you remember which game it was. You’ll also want to make sure you include the score for each of the games so you can add that to your scrapbook.

At the end of the season some teams go for a celebration. Taking pictures at this event is always fun. The kids have a great time and are full of smiles. Create a special paper that contains the location, time, and would the kids did during the party. If an invite was sent add that as well.

Creating a scrapbook for your child’s indoor soccer league will be both fun and worth the time it takes to create. Younger children love to look through these and the love to show them off as well.

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