Halloween time is perfect for Scrapbooking

Dressing up as your favorite sports figure is a fun way to celebrate Halloween. Create the perfect custom that goes along with what your favorite sports icon wears. For example, if Matt Hasselbeck is your favorite quarterback, you could dress up in a football uniform that matches what he wears.

This might be a bit of a challenge if you can’t find the uniform in your city, so you might need to check online. You’ll want to look early so you won’t have to pay a lot for shipping, but most people offer overnight or 2nd day air shipping for last minute costume needs.

If your child will be going trick or treating as a group, you can make a scrapbook that contains information about the group. Include how they got their costumes which could include making them, purchasing them online, borrowing certain pieces, etc. Include receipts, information from the website that you found on the costume, and anything else. If they had to make the costume include the pattern that was used to make it. You might want to fold it all back up and put in the envelope it came in. Then insert that into the clear sheet for safe keeping.

If research was needed, include the sites they visited, any information that was printed, and anything else you can find. Sometimes the research is just as fun as making the costume.

When Halloween arrives, take pictures when they are getting ready, when they are ready to leave, and while they are tricking or treating. This may be a bit difficult for the older kids that go by themselves, so you may want to consider sending a camera with your child and allowing them to take their own pictures.

This is a fun scrapbook to put together so you may consider including the children in this process. They will have just as much fun as you and they may have fun and creative things to include that you didn’t think of before.

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