World Series Scrapbook

The World Series is over now and the Yankees win the 27th title. It is a wonderful series of baseball games to see who will be the championships for the year. If your favorite baseball team was in the World Series, you know how exciting that can be.

Creating a scrapbook for this event can be so much fun. Even if you don’t get to go to the final games, you can create a great scrapbook. There are a few ways you can do one of these scrapbooks.

  1. One team
  2. Both teams
  3. World Series games only

Depending on the way you go with your scrapbook, you will include some things that may not be included in one of the others. For example, if you choose to do a scrapbook for one team, you will want to use things from the entire season where you would include information for just the games involved in the World Series if you go that route.

Here are some things to include if you go with one team or both teams.  You can check out the World Series website for all the information you need to add to your scrapbook.

  • Scores for each game during the season
  • Logos
  • Pictures from some of the games (find online if you didn’t go)
  • Newspaper write ups
  • Information that is found from the team website

Here are some things to include if you go with the World Series only.

  • Newspaper clippings from each game
  • Pictures from each game
  • Score for each game
  • Creations for the winner
  • List of players and coaches
  • Programs (purchase from team site or eBay)

Creating things yourself for these types of scrapbooks can be fun. Create a bracket picture that shows each set of games that led to the World Series. Also create a collage of pictures from the team as well.

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