Documenting the Tryouts

It is a foregone conclusion you’ll bring your camera to the games, rallies, tournaments and banquets. You’ll have plenty of action shots of your sports star in uniform, playing the game. But what about before the whistle blows and the season begins?

Scrapbooking the pre-season requires a bit of ingenuity but documenting the hard work which went into getting on the team is just as worthy as the first game or end of the season trophies.

Practice Makes Perfect

Since there are no professional photos or picture perfect opportunities for the tryouts, make sure to take some candid photos of your son or daughter practicing. Shoot some action shots of your cheerleader practicing spread eagles off the side of the swimming pool. Photograph some fancy footwork from your future soccer player or batting exercises during baseball practice.

Team Building

One of the key functions of sports tryouts is to participate in team building. Most team sports hold exercises or games which help make the new group feel like a team. Ask your team player who has been their volley buddy and get a photo of the new doubles team. Be sure to capture a few photos of the team’s ice cream social or boot camp.

Making the Cut

It is both your hope and your child’s that they make the cut and join the team. But win or lose, it is all how they played the game. Don’t let a cut ruin the experience. During the tryout practices and after the cuts, ask him what lessons he has learned. Incorporate these details into your journaling for lasting memories.

If your sports dynamo makes the cut, celebrate! Just make sure to take lots of photos! Ask her what her goals are for the upcoming season and include them on the page.

Win or lose, the tryout experience is a memory you won’t want to forget.

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