Football Word Book

Looking for something special to do with those football photos?  Design Team member Lisa Frayne made this awesome Football Wordbook.

Here’s the supply list:

  • Custom Word Book
  • Adorn it Team Up Paper
  • Adorn It End Zone Paper
  • Adorn It Football Block Paper
  • Adorn It Touchdown Paper Paper
  • Adorn It Football Attitude Stickers
  • Adorn It All Shook Up Sticker Shaker Boxes
  • Adorn It Football Game Ribbon

Click Here for more pictures and to purchase all the products you’ll need to create this layout.

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One thought on “Football Word Book

  1. I’ve been out from the loop with football too much time. I loved it as a kid, growing up. Being from Texas, it turned out always the Cowboys. Back then, the heroes were Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. Afterwards, after shifting to California, I found myself occasionally rooting for John Brodie of the 49ers, but it really really was always Cowboys when the two came head-to-head. Now, I’m retired. The constraints of work deadlines, personal projects and endless errands have declined. And I wax nostalgically for the gridiron and also the excitement of the contest. Yes, I’ll be watching a great deal more football. You can bet on it.

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