Hunting Season is here

Hunting is a sport so to speak. Some people hunt to put food on their table while others do it for the enjoyment and the joy of finding the biggest animal they can find.

No matter what the reason is, creating a scrapbook to show the entire trip can be the best and a great way to make sure the best one doesn’t get away!

Even if you don’t go, you can still create this scrapbook. If you don’t go, send a camera with the person that is going so they can take pictures along the way. Take pictures of your surroundings, your camp, enjoying the fire, and while you’re on your way to find that perfect animal so they can be included.

When a shot is taken and the animal is caught make sure a picture is taken of the animal and the person that shot it. This will make a great trophy and something perfect to include. Make a mat around the picture, a label below the picture, and then journal if you have enough room. If you don’t have enough room do it on the page right next to it. Include stickers and other embellishments as well.

This page needs to be perfect because it’s the prize and the reason why you took your trip in the first place. Include everything and anything you can come up with to make it the best.

A hunting trip is an unforgettable event and one that is memorable whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time. It’s something that will be different each and every time you go, so it’s possible to create a scrapbook for each trip or one for a years worth of trips.

They are fun and exciting and one that you will want to remember for years to come, so creating a scrapbook is a great way to make it happen. You’ll be able to share it with generations to come.

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