Swimming Laps around the Scrapbook

Swimming is something kids love to do. They love to play in the water, do water games, and swim. Some kids know how while others try or they thing their doing it.

Whether your kids swim in the pool at home or they go to the pool on a regular basis, a scrapbook can be fun to create. Kids love to play games while in the pool and this makes for wonder pages in a scrapbook.

It really doesn’t matter if your child is in swimming lessons, competes in swimming competitions, or swims for fun taking pictures will help you with your scrapbook. Create pages that appear to have water on them using paper and fun cutters.

You can also use journal pages to write about the activities that happen on the pages you include. Talk about the fun activities the kids played and how much fun they had with their friends.

During swimming lessons you can discuss the things they were taught that day. You’ll need to take a notepad with you so you’ll be able to remember everything. You’ll also need to document the pictures in some way so you’ll know which days they were taken.

Competitions are enjoyable to watch. It’s exciting when your child wins a race or places high in the standings. Take pictures of the races and document the standings.

Swimming is a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time. Kids really enjoy being in the water, playing with their friends, and having fun. Swimming is an activity that is important to learn and it’s fun to create a scrapbook about your time.

Happy Scrappin’

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