Three Dimensional Canvas Wall Hanging

This wall hanging by Lisa Frayne is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, what a great way to showoff your layouts!

Supply List

  • LYB – Generation Z – Turquoise Metallic Disk Paper
  • LYB – Generation Z – Yellow Grunge Dot Paper
  • LYB – Generation Z – Striped Metallic Composite Paper
  • LYB – Generation Z – Royal Metallic Grid Paper
  • LYB – Generation Z – Orange Metallic Wings Paper
  • LYB – Generation Z – Cardstock Stickers
  • LYB – Generation Z – Metal Gears
  • Black and white cardstock
  • Alphabet stamps
  • Metal letter X
  • Screw brads
  • Canvas (Two 12 x 12 and four 3 x 3)
  • Navy blue paint
  • Black ink
  • Eyelet screws
  • Chain


*All paper needs to be inked before getting adhered to the project.

1)      Paint edges of all six canvases.  When paint dries, go over the edges with ink.

2)      Cover top canvas with turquoise metallic disc paper.

3)      Cut 4 inch strip of striped metallic composite paper and mat with royal metallic grid paper.  Adhere to bottom of canvas.

4)      Tear piece of royal metallic grid paper and adhere to the upper left hand corner of the canvas.

5)      Adhere the metal letter X to the upper left hand corner of the canvas.

6)      Stamp the letters T, R, E, and ME onto the orange metallic wings paper, green striped paper, and yellow grunge dot paper (refer to project photos).  Mat the T, R, and E on black paper and cut out in random shapes (refer to project photos).  Tear the edges of the ME and adhere to one of the 3 x 3 canvases.  Pop dot the T, R, and E to the large canvas.  Attach the small canvas with ME on to the large canvas, next to the letter E.

7)      Cut photo mats:

a)      Photos 3.5 x 5, white cardstock 3.75 x 5.25, black cardstock 4 x 5.5.  Adhere to canvas.

8)      Adhere metal gear brads (refer to project photo for placement).

9)      Mat Awesome and Independent cardstock stickers in black cardstock.  Add screw brads to the Awesome sticker and adhere under photo on right side of canvas.  Pop-dot the Independent sticker under the Awesome sticker.

10)   Cover bottom canvas with striped metallic composite paper.

11)   Cut 4 inch strip of royal metallic grid paper and mat with orange metallic wings paper.  Adhere to right hand side of canvas.

12)   Cut 3 x 3 pieces of the orange metallic wings paper, green striped paper, and yellow grunge dot paper and adhere to the top, middle, and bottom small canvases respectively.  Adhere small canvases to 4 inch strip on right side of large canvas.

13)    Cut photo mats:

a)      Photos 1.75 x 1.75, white cardstock 2 x 2, black cardstock 2.25 x 2.25.  Adhere to top and middle small canvases.

14)   Tear piece of turquoise metallic disc paper and adhere to lower right hand corner of bottom small canvas.  Attach metal gear brad to upper right hand side of this canvas.  Mat Energy sticker with black cardstock and pop-dot on left hand side of this canvas.

15)   Cut photo mats:

a)      Upper photo 4 x 4, white cardstock 4.25 x 4.25, black cardstock 4.5 x 4.5

b)      Lower photo 5 x 3.5, white cardstock 5.25 x 3.75, black cardstock 5.5 x 4

16)   Adhere to large canvas.

17)   Mat Live, In This Moment, Memories Are Made Of This, and One Doesn’t Get Chances, One Takes Chances cardstock stickers with black cardstock.  Attach screw brads to One Doesn’t Get Chances, One Takes Chances cardstock sticker.  Adhere cardstock stickers and metal gear brad to large canvas (refer to project photo for placement).

18)   Attach eyelet screws to top and bottom of top canvas, and top of bottom canvas.  Attach chain.

19)   Hang on wall and enjoy!

Click Here for printable instructions (and more photos), and to purchase the products you’ll need to create this awesome wall hanging.

Happy Scrappin’

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