Spring is here; will your child be riding a dirt bike?

Spring time is the perfect time to get started on training for the dirt bike competitions. There are so many different places you can take your child for these types of events. Creating a scrapbook of all the events is perfect and so much fun to create.

You can take pictures during the training sessions, warm-up time, and then during the events. Create a page for each event and include the detailed information that goes along with the event. You may have information regarding the other events if it’s in conjunction with something else or it may be the races alone.

Document all the details such as the starting position for each race and then the final outcome as well. If you have the ability, you can include the other racer information as well. Include the name, bike number, starting position, and ending position if you have the ability.

You should create background sets for each picture and include wording and other embellishments with each page. If you have the right printer and software, you can create sheets that include your child’s picture, pictures of them with their bike, and creative ways to use their bike, number, and pictures.

Dirt bike riding is a lot of fun to watch. It’s full of excitement and adrenalin for both the rider and the spectators. This is a special time for children and when you create a scrapbook of the events, they’ll appreciate it.

Happy Scrappin’


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