Home of the Huskies Layout

Home of the Huskies Layout by Niccole Burns




Bazzill Smoothies Cardstock – Blackberry Swirl, 1 piece

Bazzill Smoothies Cardstock – Huckleberry Pie, 1 piece

Custom Scratched School Paper

Custom Background Paper

Reminisce – Senior Quote Stickers

Custom School Cut-outs

Paper Trimmer



Blue Ribbon


One 5×7 Photos

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Mount the photo on a 5 ½” x 7 ½” piece of black cardstock. Then mount on a 6” x 8 ½” piece of blue cardstock. Cut a 7” piece of blue ribbon and adhere. Apply My Senior Year sticker. Adhere to Custom Scratched School Paper.
  • Tear around a focal point in one piece of the Custom Background Paper. Adhere to another piece of Custom Background Paper.
  • Cut around the same focal point in a third piece of the Custom Background Paper and mount on black cardstock. Adhere to the other piece of Custom Background Paper, overlapping the torn piece.
  • Cut the School rectangle out of the Custom School Cut-outs and mount on a 3” x 7” piece of blue cardstock. Tear the long edges of the cardstock.
  • Cut a 3” piece of blue ribbon, fold in half and staple to blue cardstock. Adhere cardstock to Custom Background Paper.

Happy Scrappin’!

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