On the Green Layout



Karen Foster – Men’s Golf Gear Paper

Karen Foster – Fore! Men Paper

Karen Foster – Men’s Tee Time Cardstock Stickers

Cat’s Eye Fluid Chalk Queue – Chocolates & Blueberries

Blue cardstock

Karen Foster Scrappers Spools

Pop Dots



*Note: Ink edges of all papers with brown ink.

Use blue cardstock as layout base.

Trim a 4 x 12 inch strip from Men’s Golf Gear paper and adhere to left side of laout, leaving a ½ inch section of cardstock showing.

Twist together three strands of Scrappers Spools and lay on top of paper panel, securing ends on the back.

Using a paper trimmer, trim a 1.5 inch border of Fore! Men paper. Do not trim over the golf balls – trim those out using scissors.

Adhere golf ball border across center of layout.

Adhere photos as shown.

Handcut two golf balls from Fore! Paper and adhere to lower left corner of layout using pop dots. Adhere shoe sticker to cluster.

Adhere golf club sticker near cluster, extending upward onto layout as shown.

Adhere title sticker in upper right corner of layout. Layer additional stickers as shown, using pop dots for dimension.




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