Protecting Your Scrapbook

by Vicki Churchill


When you own scrapbook albums of the most important things to remember is to protect your scrapbook pages. Protecting your scrapbook pages correctly will make certain they just as good in years to come. It is false economy to buy a cheap scrapbook album so always buy the best one you can afford.

There are many things you can do to help preserve you pages and this article will explain which the best ways are.

1 – Remember to only use acid free paper and card. Do not assume that all paper found in craft shops is acid free. You may also find that a pastel piece of paper made by one company is acid free and a brighter colour is not. Always check the packaging to make sure the paper or card is acid free. If in doubt ask someone in the craft shop for assistance.

2 – Certain liquids can destroy you scrapbook projects. You will need to take care when using harsh substances when creating you scrapbook page layouts and never eat or drink around your project.

3 – Sunlight will diminish paper, photos and your album quality so take care by making sure the storage for your scrapbook is in a dry place away from sunlight.

4 – Try to avoid getting fingerprints on your photos. Over time the fingerprints will become more visible and really alter the look of your photos. Handle your photos with care touching the outer edges only.

5 – Store your scrapbook upright. Laying a scrapbook flat will cause the pages to become flat and will render your embellishment to flat and lifeless.

6 – Be extra cautious when purchasing ready made embellishments second hand or from auction websites. You can never be absolutely sure what materials have been used as they may not be acid free or may include harmful glues and adhesives.

7 – Wash your hands! This may seem obvious but it is easy to forget when you are busy thinking about your new scrapbook ideas to stop and wash your hands. On more than one occasion I have totally ruined a scrapbook page when I have forgotten to wash my hands after using ink.

If you want your scrapbook album to last a long time it is worth looking after it. After all, what can be more frustrating than spending huge amounts of time creating a fantastic scrapbook album only to find that in a year the pages have become worn and tatty.

By looking after your scrapbook you will know that your scrapbook ideas will be preserved for years to come. A scrapbook album is something to be cared for and to be cherished so it looks a good as the day it was made.

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