Soccer Pack

Hello Soccer fans, Today I have put together this super simple “Soccer mom” or “Soccer Survival” Pack, this would be a great gift for the parents on the team or a thank you gift. Or just to show your spirit for your kids team. The great thing about this is it can be made for any sport. I used soccer cause my girl plays:)

 First collect the items you want to use in your kit, Then super simple i used one sheet of Scrappin’ Sports – Name of the Game Soccer Balls Paper  and some sticky glue to adhere it to the Lip balm and lotion bottle. then i covered the Tissue in black paper and highlighted the sides and top to create a fun soccer tissue cover. Then was the post it note holder which is super simple and i cut a 3×3 square of soccer paper and there you have it a simple soccer kit.

 Products used:

Scrappin’ Sports – Name of the Game Soccer Balls Paper
Eyelet Outlet – Soccer Ball Brads

Black cardstock
Lip balm
Post it note
Mini pen
Tissues (travel size)
Lotion (travel size)
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