Scrapbooking Black and White Photos

Add a little drama, extra texture, dimension and character to your Scrapbooks. It is natural to reach for the color film when taking pictures instead of the black and white. But, even though color photos give you the beautiful realism, there is always a place for black and white photos too.

They have a brilliance of their own, and can transform a simple image into something more. Also, the black and white photos are less likely to fade over time like color photos.

Lighting is everything, ambient or natural light works well with black and white photos. Turn off the flash and use the natural light that Mother Nature provides us. Remember that black and white is not just for portraits. Just because it is “artsy” doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. Experiment with candid shots at the beach, the zoo or a wedding reception.

Pay close attention to the composition by simply paying attention to the placement and number of objects you see in your viewfinder. With black and white photos, a simple composition works best. Capture patterns with recurring visual themes such as wooden fences or the exterior of a building. Any subject arranged in groups or rows is a fantastic black and white shot.

Some of the special touches of a black and white photo are:

Color freedom Black and white photos match any color or cardstock or patterned paper you want to use. It frees you to use colors that communicate a mood or feeling to enhance your images and stories.

Less is More Black and white’s can save you time and efforts when decorating a page. A single scrapbook accent, embellishment, or simple mat looks great paired with a black and white photo.

Emotional Beauty A black and white photo naturally evokes the emotional traits that seem to get lost in the overwhelming hues of color of a color photo. Instead of having a beautiful little girl in her red Christmas dress and shiny satin shoes, you see a beautiful girl with a beaming smile that captures the whole layout.

There are two different ways to get black and white photos these days. You can use your traditional camera and use a true black and white film or use your digital camera and have them developed in black and white. Either way, you will need to spend some time finding a developer that you trust or the quality of prints you want. Some developers may end up with a warm sepia tone or a icy blue tone, once you find the developer, you are on your way to creating beautiful pictures and scrapbook pages for you and your family to treasure for years to come.

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