Scrapbooking Your Little Professional Athlete

If you’re a scrapbooking enthusiast and one of your children is a sports enthusiast, it only makes sense to create a digital scrapbook or picture collage about your child’s sports endeavors. Plus, many of us have relatives out of state, and what better way to share our pride in our little professional athlete? If you can’t bring your family to the game, bring the game to your family… via e-mail!

In light of the user-friendly digital scrapbook software programs available today, the fun graphics, quality printability and ease of sharing, the booming popularity of the digital scrapbook is no surprise. Sports themes are among the most popular types of scrapbooking templates, so you’ll find that many picture collage templates feature sports-centric themes.

Great digital photos are one of the keys to documenting memories of the season. To create a digital scrapbook that you, your child and other family members can all enjoy, keep the following photography tips in mind:

  • A professional photo of the team or each team member can make a perfect centerpiece for your picture collage or title page of a digital scrapbook.
  • Take some photos during practice to include in the digital scrapbook. Practices are a great opportunity to snap individual shots of kids as they hit, kick, dribble or throw a ball.
  • Photograph the games. Take pictures of the kids playing as well as the spectators, parents, coach and scoreboard… especially if your team is winning!
  • If your child won any ribbons or trophies, take photos of him or her displaying the award.
  • If any of the games are featured in a newsletter or newspaper, clip them and scan or make copies to include in the digital scrapbook. If not, journaling can be a great way to explain what a picture collage alone cannot.
  • Capture the kids having fun off the field too. Do they ever go out socially for pizza or a picnic?

Scrapbooking templates sometimes showcase different sports personalities. If your child has a favorite sports celebrity, you might consider searching for a photo of that athlete online and including it somewhere in the digital scrapbook. Images of the different types of equipment used in the game can also make wonderful accessories. Phrases such as “Homerun!” and “Go Team!” can make ideal text embellishments to signify the virtues of the game. You are limited only by your imagination!

Instead of or in addition to making a digital picture collage about your child alone, you might consider creating a team scrapbook. Shopping for a gift to thank your child’s coaches at the end of the season? How about a scrapbook of the team they’ve invested their time into coaching?

When you embark on the project, ask your child if he or she would like to help. A picture collage or digital scrapbook can be a bonding family project and provide a positive learning experience for your child, teaching the principles of creativity and inspiration as well as computer design and editing. Encourage your child to choose photos and suggest ideas. A young collage maker will add personality to the picture collage and help make it more special.

It’s likely that this digital scrapbook will be viewed many times by your little athlete and can make fun gifts for your children or your parents. Choosing to make your scrapbook or collage digital also enables you to duplicate scrapbook pages as they’re created so you can easily print and share copies. After all, your child isn’t the only one who will wish to look back on these special times, and the sports picture collage collection you create now will help increase morale and support for your child’s sports pursuits.

Digital scrapbooking diva Sasha Byers explores the world of documenting memories digitally, providing insight and ideas on how to create digital photo collages and scrapbooks. She offers tips on scrapbooking important events, travels and major life periods such as childhood, school athletics and a child’s transition out of the nest. She also debunks common myths about digital scrapbooking and addresses frequent questions on this popular new hobby. Sasha’s blogs provide answers, tips and digital scrapbooking ideas to help you create sharper, more attractive scrapbooks in half the time.

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