Locker Softball Decor

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I may have already mentioned that my daughter’s softball season is in full swing?
Well, we just decorated their lockers for districts and I wanted to share with you the little “encouragement” I added to the great mix of decorations from all the Moms.
I used the awesome Fast Pitch line, of course. Specifically the back side of the cutouts page. From the moment I saw that stitch print I knew I wanted to use it to do something fun for my daughter and her teammates.
So I used it as the base and worked up the rest of my quote and elements between my computer and my silhouette. I love Megan Trainor’s song It’s all about the Bass, but being a softball player, the first thing that comes to mind for me is BASE! lol
So I used my computer and some yellow doodlebug cardstock to create the top portion, then designed my own home plate on my silhouette and cut it from some plain white cardstock and then, slightly larger, from some black cardstock.
I ran the white plates through my printer to add the rest of the quote and then added ink and some fussy cut softballs from the front side of the cutouts page. I made a total of 15 and added some little Baby Ruth candy bars to all of them.
And here’s a photo of my girl doing what she loves!
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