1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Number Challenge)

We presented a number challenge for our team recently asking them to put 15 items on their page. That sounded too easy so we made it even more challenging! We limited the gals to only using 1 of a certain item, then 2 of another, 3 of a third, and so on. Come see how the challenge worked out!


12345 keren
It was so much fun creating this Sweet Pup project for this 12345 Challenge: I took the plunge and challenged myself to using limited product! The hardest part was only using 5 flowers. Everything else I think I managed okay! However, what I couldn’t resist was to add a little resin puppy to the page since the picture is of my daughter with our new fluffy puppy. ~Keren Tamir
12345 keren2
  • 1 metal- Ingvild Bolme Junkyard Findings Zippers (891565)
  • 2 stamps- Garden Fable (579135) and Square stitch cling stamps (579135, 570521)
  • 3 papers- Garden Fable blushing floral paper and 2 notecards from the paper pad. (847227, 589012)
  • 4 colors- The Garden Fable paper has 4 colours already: pink, blue, green and yellow
  • 5 flowers- 3 Avante flowers and 2 Audrey rose flowers (546700, 566661)
12345 louise
Louise really challenged herself and stepped outside her creative comfort zone to create this simpler, patterned paper layout. The 12345 challenge was not easy for this essentially minimalist, mixed-media scrapper, but she pulled it off!
12345 louise2
  • 1 Metal Jeans Plate (892210)
  • 2 Alpha Stickers (562946, 569785)
  • 3 Forever Green papers (846770, 846794, 846817)
  • 4 Butterflies (created with stamps and ink)
  • 5 Flowers (Vellum, Epiphany)





Pink is not only my favourite colour but it is also my daughters and I have lots of pink and white things so I thought I would put them to good use for this page. ~Joanne










  • 1 White Cardstock
  • 2 Isabella-Dani Flowers-581701
  • 3 Resin Frames-Shabby Chic Treasures-892128
  • 4 Vines-Providence Oregano-578299
  • 5 Mica Powder-Pink-962456




Now how cool is that? Come take the “12345” plunge and share your “numbered” Prima creations with us! It’s a great way to use up your product, get a project made, and have fun at the same time!

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