Show & Tell Saturday: Scraproom Tour

SHOW N TELL SATURDAYI think everyone enjoys getting to peek into other designer’s scraprooms, right? It’s fun to see how others store and organize the same types of products and tools that so many of us have. And while many of us have totally different ways of setting up our spaces, or have totally different types of spaces that we’re working with, you never know when you’ll see a new way of storing or organizing products that you can incorporate into your own space.


Scraproom Tour, byKristine Davidson.

Hello Everyone! It’s Kristine Davidson here today and I’ll be sharing a peek into my scrapbook space with you! I recently just finished painting a new colour – it was a honeydew green prior to this and I love this new fresh look. I still have a few shelves to place but overall my space is ready and it’s been awesome to play in.

I am lucky to call a spare bedroom my scrapbook room. I love to sit and stare at the walls, sometimes be creative, and on occasion just sit at my computer and play online.

This is the entry to my room. It’s in the north side of the house and often doesn’t get much sunlight. It’s frustrating at times because it’s dark in there but I have extra lights that help. I usually don’t scrapbook during the day so most times it’s not an issue. I don’t have curtains yet but I do enjoy that extra light thru the blinds.

I keep most of my stuff in the wide shelving units from Michaels. The corner desktop on the left was a freebie my husband found online for me. I love it. It’s huge! I have pegboards on both sides of my room to keep my scrap supplies. I use to spend a fortune on scrapbook supplies but in the past year or so that has stopped. I’m thankful to be on a few design teams that stock my shelves 😉

Scrapbook Room 2 _ Kristine Davidson

This next photo is of my computer desk and a place where I have my layouts displayed. I changed them around so often of my favorites for the current month.

Scrapbook Room 3 _ Kristine Davidson

Yes, I love my pegboards and especially painted pink! Love It 😉 It used to be white but with my room update I painted it Bubble Gum Pink. It holds tons of stuff. It is 8 feet wide by 4 feet high. I have tons of products organized on it and I’ll eventually add a shelf at the top for some extra storage. I have 2 extra OTT lights here, a sewing machine, and a few pieces of my painted pottery.

I keep my pattern papers in large Ziplock bags. I keep them organized by collection and manufacturer. I also have organizers with the company name on the front – you can see this on the left side of my desk. I don’t have lots of pattern papers – it drives me crazy just having stuff sit there not being used.

Scrapbook Room 4 _ Kristine Davidson

Here are a few close up pics of my scrapbook room. An old typewriter I got at an antique store in our town. It cost me $10! It needs ribbon but still works. I have these fake flowers that I love – they are colorful and I’ve had them for years. The Cats love chewing on them as well! LOL.

I have a board that I keep some cute pictures, concert tickets, and signed picture of Rupert from Survivor that I met at CHA last winter.

Scrapbook Room 5 _ Kristine Davidson

I keep my washi tape in a small bin, I really just use them for decoration 😉

Scrapbook Room 6 _ Kristine Davidson

This is a shelf I picked up at Michaels for about $30. It was on clearance. I love that it holds extra inks, paint, wood veneers, and a few pieces I love for inspiration.

Scrapbook Room 7 _ Kristine Davidson

This is how I store my Bella Blvd products. Aren’t they cute all lined up and on pink pegboard? I have issues with things being straight and organized, I literally change this every week. I love playing “store!”

Scrapbook Room 8 _ Kristine Davidson

I love little corners of inspiration. This is where I keep some paint brushes, a canvas I painting, little wood embellishments and my die-cut machine.

This is my scraproom friends. I hope you enjoyed your tour into my little crafty space and any questions please feel free to contact me directly! You can find me at and instagram @KristineDavidson.


Source: Bella Blvd

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