Taking Action Shots at Sporting Events

Sports are all about action—which makes taking a great action photos for your scrapbook all the more challenging. Blurry, unfocused shots—or worse, missed shots—are challenges you will want to address before the big game.

  • Take more photos than necessary. With today’s digital cameras, there is no reason to limit your number of shots.
  • Track the object you are going to shoot with your camera as you wait for the right moment to shoot. This is called panning.
  • Press the capture button on your camera halfway down and then hold it while you wait. When you want to take the picture, press the button all the way down. This decreases the lag time from when you press the button to the time the picture is really taken.
  • Stand parallel to the subject you are shooting. This usually produces the best results. But experiment with different perspectives (from above, at an angle, from below, etc.)
  • Use a continuous or burst mode if your camera allows. This mode takes a number of pictures quickly one after the other—great for action shots.
  • Practice makes perfect! Practicing will help you get a good feel for your camera and will help you figure out which techniques produce the best results.

It might take a few tries to get the perfect action shot for your scrapbook page but when you get it, the joy captured on your child’s face will live forever.

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