Girl Scout ABC’s

A – Acheivments, Archery, Aprons (daisy aprons), Awards

B – Brownies, Bowling, Bridging, Badges, Booths, Back Packing, Brownie Circle

C – Crafts, Camp Counselors, Cookies, Calendars, Council,Camp Fires, Cadettes, Canoeing

D – Daisies, Dues, day camp

E – Earthday, enthuasism, Energry, Ecology Excitement,Ethnic Food fairs

F – Field trips, Friends, Foxtail, fun, father daughter dances

G – Girl Scouts, Girl guides, Gardening, Gold Award, GAM, Global

H – Helping out, Hodown, horses, Hikings, Handbooks

I – Interest Patches, Ice Skating, Investature, I nsignia, Involvement

J – Juilet Gordon Low, Juniors

K – Knots, kerchiefs, kites, Kapers

L – Leaders, Lock-ins, Lemon Pastry Creams, Law, Leadership

M – Mini’s, Make new friends, moms, making money, Mother daughter tea

N – New friends, nuts

O – Outdoors, outings, Older Girl Planning Board, opportunities, over seas

P – Pioneer, Pals, Pieing, parties, Pj parties, Photography, patrols, Parades, Promise, Pen pals

Q – Quiet signal, Quilt, Que Pasa

R – Religious Awards, readings, rowings, raftings, Road Trip

S – Sash, songs (singing), Seniors, Swaps, Skating, Skiing Summer Camp, Silver Award, Swimming, Skits,
Sock hop

T – Teddy bear picnic, try-its, Trainings, Tambo, Tents, Travel, Troop, Thinking Day

U – Uniform, Unfourtunate accidents

V – Vest, Vespers, voluntears

W – Wider Oppoutunity, Worlds, Water, WAGGS

X – X-ray (hospital Visits, or unfortunate accidents), eXcitements

Y – year pins (years)

Z – Zoo

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