My Little Scrapper

Thinking back through all the years
How swiftly they’ve passed by
I close my eyes and bite my lip
Try so hard not to cry
You were always such a scrapper
A raging thunderstorm
The day you shed your diaper
You donned a uniform.

Fear – never a factor
With the toughest, there you stood
You have the will, the soul,
the heart…
But, I always knew you would
I watch you while you’re sleeping
So still, so calm, serene
Once you step upon
That football field
You’re one powerful machine.

I marvel at your talents
You’re intense and dedicated
So keen, devoted, daring
Just as I anticipated
Your qualities are endless
You’re faithful, kind and true
Righteous and respected
A leader, Josh, that’s you!

Watching you play any sport
Has always been a pleasure
You’re masterful and focused
My pride – I can not measure
And now my little scrapper
You’ve become a strapping man
So stay steadfast … follow the sun
And be the best you can!

© Judy Muldowney
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