The Great Outdoors: Scrapbooking your Camping Memories

Summer time brings to the mind the memories of campfire songs, bug spray and S’mores. Whether a family camping trip or an overnight summer camp for the kids, camping photos can have many memories attached to a single photograph. We offer several fun scrapbook papers and supplies for your camping photos.

Pick Only the Best
Camping trips can yield several dozen photos—campfires, swimming, fishing trips, playtime, eating and games. When scrapbooking, choose only the best photos for your pages. Focus on finding just the right photo to tell your story.

Pull it All Together
Alternately, don’t think that you need to keep your scrapbook layout to a single page. Consider scrapbooking more than just a standard double page spread or small mini album. Coordinate the pages or album by using themed paper with unifying accents.

Journal your Memories in Detail
Photos only tell half the story. Make sure you document your special camping memories with detailed journaling. Include funny incidents, interesting stories, milestone moments or family legends. You will be surprised how fast you’ll forget your best memories if they aren’t documented.

Get Input
Be sure to ask your family what their favorite memories were. This is especially important when you are scrapbooking your child’s away camp, since you weren’t there. Ask him to tell you about his friends and activities. See if certain photos spark any memories or stories. And don’t forget to label his friends in the photos.

Scrapbooking your camp photos can be so much fun you will want to start scrapbooking before you’ve even unpacked. Get started with camping themed scrapbook supplies and camp specific accents and you will remember your great outdoor adventure for years to come.

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  1. i enjoy camping specially in dense wooded tropical forests. camping is a fun way to spend time with your friends too.’~;

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