Sports Word Books

You’ve seen the cute little word books made out of chipboard. These mini albums make adorable gifts or a great themed brag book.


But how do you decorate chipboard word albums? Let us show you how easy it is to decorate these word albums for yourself or as a gift.

Chipboard album
Tacky glue
Foam applicator
Brayer (or popsicle stick)

Directions for Covering Chipboard Albums:

  1. Trace the first chipboard piece in reverse on a piece of paper. Cut out with scissors.
  2. Apply tacky glue liberally to the chipboard with a foam applicator, covering from edge to edge.
  3. Place the paper onto the chipboard and use your brayer (or the long edge of a popsicle stick) to smooth out all the bubbles. Wipe off any excess glue.
  4. Repeat on all sides and for each page of your chipboard book. Let dry fully before decorating.

You can also use spray or dry adhesive to attach the scrapbook paper to your chipboard book. You might also consider placing a large book or heavy object on the glued pieces.

Additionally, you can cover your chipboard album with acrylic paint, stamping ink or embossing powders.

Ideas for Decorating Chipboard Albums:
Edging: Many people sand the edges of the word book to disguise the rough or mismatched edges. You can also edge your chipboard album with a leafing pen, rubber stamping ink, embossing powders and a markers edge.

Add ons: Decorate pages with rub-ons, stickers, rubber stamping, buttons, silk flowers or ribbons.

Dimensional accents: Add dimensional accents like brads and eyelets before adhering the paper so you can hide the back. Adhering brads or eyelets is easily done with a Crop-a-dile.

Tying it Off: Using your Crop-a-dile again, repunch the holes in the binding. Using coordinating ribbon, tie off each hole with a bunch of fibers or ribbons.

Finishing: Once decorated, coat your whole book with Modge Podge for a durable finish.

At Scrappin’ Sports Stuff, we have several themed albums including:

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