Scrapbooking Your Sports Heroes

Sports stars have that something special which makes us look up to them. Let your obsession with a famous sports hero influence more than your television viewing. By creating a scrapbook page about your favorite sports hero, you can see how your hero has grown as a player and learn how to become a better player yourself.

Scrapbooking a sports hero can have some challenges though—especially how to acquire photographs and information for your scrapbook page. Follow our tips below for the perfect sports hero scrapbook page.

  • Make sure you only use legally acquired photos in your scrapbook. This can be photos cut out from a program or newspaper, or even photos found online as long as they are under creative commons license.
  • If you attended a game that your hero is playing, save your program, ticket stubs and stats for your scrapbook. Try for an autograph for a super special page!
  • Use inspirational quotes from your sports hero in your journaling or as a title.
  • Research about your hero’s background for your scrapbook. Where did they grow up? Where did they attend college? What inspires them?

We even have scrapbooking kits to help you document your sports heroes.

Scrapbooking is a great way to remember the accomplishments your hero has made and the inspiration they were to you. And who knows…if you become a big enough sports star, someone might scrapbook about you as their hero one day!

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