Are You Ready for Some Football?

The crisp autumn weather and glowing Friday night lights heralds the beginning of football season. But practice, training and team spirit start much earlier.

Die Hard Sports Fan Layout by Josee Rouleau (Karen Foster Design)

The Biggest Fans

You don’t have to play football to be a fan of the sport. Document your passion for football by creating scrapbook pages about your favorite games, your home team and your choice players.

For fan pages, incorporate Karen Foster papers football related papers or a clever custom football ticket.  Journal about your sports heroes or your favorite team’s winning streak.

Prepping for the Game

Training takes diligence, hard work and perseverance. Honor your athlete’s efforts with photos of practices, team drills and scrimmages. Get input from your footballer on his year’s goals and his challenges.

Preparation isn’t just for football players. Cheerleaders are athletes too. Create custom football titles for your football player or cheerleader. The title, created in school colors and with your child’s name, adds the perfect touch to sports pages.

The Main Event

The big game is the main attraction. The cheers, the half time show and the applause! Capture the game day atmosphere with solid shots of running out onto the field, team huddles, big plays and even bench shots. Investing in a quality telephoto lens is crucial for field photographs. Reading your camera’s manual or taking classes is also helpful for the action shots.

Lessons Learned

When the season is over, put your player on the cover of his favorite magazine cover. Framed for your athlete’s bedroom or added to a scrapbook page, the magazine cover will be cherished for years to come.

Football Helmet Chipboard Book

Or create an end of the season game book with our shaped chipboard book. With just enough pages to document a season, it will be a cherished remembrance of the year.

Football is exciting for both the fans and the players. Capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories with special football pages or a custom football album.

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