Creating a Calendar with your Favorite Sports Star

It’s the time of year where people are starting to think about calendars for the New Year.  Stores are starting to carry the calendars and businesses are starting to give them away as well.  You can also use the Bare Elements Spiral Bound Blank Calendar to create a unique 12 month calendar to keep track of everyday life appointments and occasions. Once the year is over, use the pages to fill a 12″x12″ scrapbook.

Creating a scrapbook calendar is an awesome way to go and it’s fun to put them together. You will also be able to make them just the way you want and you will always remember them.

There are several ways to create these calendar scrapbooks. You can purchase a desk top style book that folds into a tri-pod type book and it will sit on your desk or you can create your own using card stock paper.

Creating a calendar using your favorite sports team is wonderful. Here are some things you can use in your calendar.

  • Team Logo
  • Team pictures
  • Individual pictures
  • Individual cards
  • Newspaper clippings

You can use just about anything you can find in your calendar. Go online and find sayings that your favorite player has said or find pictures of them in action. Do your homework and place a picture of your favorite play in the month of his birthday.

Creating a sports related scrapbook calendar is a great way to have lasting memories of something you love. Why not have a calendar hanging on your wall or on your desk that reminds you of your favorite team.

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