5 Types of Scrapbooking to Helping You to Keep Your Memories

By Jasmine N

Scrapbooking can be many style and design. You can do any color theme or topics as long as you feel comfortable with them. Here I share five types of scrapbooking to help you to keep your memories.

Laser Lady Husky Chipboard Album

#1 Felt scrapbooking

Felt is the most popular and trendy in craft. It is very smooth and cotton feel when touched. You can create your scrapbooking using felt. This can be done by cutting felt into flower shapes, then use PVA adhesive to paste the felt on your scrapbook. Besides that, you can DIY your own embellishment using felt.

#2 Mini Book Scrapbooking

Mini book scrapbooking is very handy and trendy. It is the most popular type for people who do not have much creativity in design. The size is about A5 paper. You can create your own by cutting your A4 scrapbooking layout paper to A5 size, then paste your photo, lastly add your text. Then you are done! If you are cost saver person, you will like mini scrapbooking.

#3 Collage scrapbooking

If you do not have any special theme in your scrapbooking, try collage scrapbooking. This can be done by transforming an old book to collage design. You can add buttons, ribbons or any material you can find in your craft leftover to create collage scrapbooking.

#4 Illustration scrapbooking

This is a special way of scrapbooking. In this scrapbooking, photo is replaced by an illustration. Illustration in either 2D or 3D drawing is able to create a trendy unique look in your scrapbook.

#5 3D Scrapbooking

Scrapbook that is created from 3D material, such as milk box, children toys or blocks. This is done by transforming your children toy such as blocks into scrapbooking. Paste your candid photos on each sides of the blocks, and add some sea shell or button as an embellishment. If space allowed, put some text and comments on your scrapbooking.

Well, hope above five types of scrapbooking give you an idea to keep your memories.

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