Can you create a Science Fair Scrapbook?

Kids from 5th grade on up to high school do Science projects. Most times the projects compete with other kids in the school and the winner goes to a district wide competition. If they win at this level, they may have a chance to go to a state wide competition and possibly further then that if they continue to win.

Science fairs are loads of fun and it gives the kids a chance to show off their skills and knowledge. What’s better then going to a Science fair to show off your work?

Creating a scrapbook that will start at the very beginning and going through all the fairs to the end will be a wonderful memory. When you work really hard on your projects, you might miss something. When you create a scrapbook for your child they’ll be able to see what they missed along the way.

Take pictures of the project as it goes along. Include any kind of information you can regarding the project. This would be details about how to make it, what it’s supposed to do, and anything else you can find.

During the Science Fair take pictures of your child’s project once it’s all set up and then while the judges are looking at it. Also take pictures of the other projects and anything else that looks interesting or important.

Science Fairs take a lot of time and work, but are well worth it in the end. Make sure you document everything for your child. When you put it together in a scrapbook, they’ll have the memories for a lifetime.

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