Making A Scrapbook Creatively And Efficiently

by Roberta Barrow

Making a scrapbook offers many advantages. First of all, it allows you to practice your creativity when you attempt to put together patterns, colors and texture in order to create a great design. Scrapbooking also lets you organize photos artistically and preserve precious memories. Many people might be interested in scrapbooking, but could be scared off by the misconception that scrapbooking is difficult and expensive. Nonetheless, if you will first know the essential steps you must take and the guidelines you must follow, you can pursue scrapbooking creatively and efficiently.

Be Organized
In making scrapbooks, you will be using a lot of different materials and supplies. You have to be systematic and organized in keeping, storing and using your supplies. Being organized will not just make things easy to find or pleasing to look at. It can also help make your expenses at minimum. As you start on a project, plan and prepare everything first. Visualize and layout the structure on how you are going to create the scrapbook. Doing this will help in determining the amount of materials you will need to use.

Theme Selection
There are so many different themes to use in scrapbooking. To make your selection easier, make use of your feelings. For example, you want to make a scrapbook that will contain your daughter’s graduation pictures. To pick a theme, determine what you have felt during that occasion and the thought you have at present. It may be helpful to write down your feelings and then choose a theme based on these written down emotions.

Scrapbook Embellishments
When you go to a craft store or a book store to look for your scrapbook materials, you have probably been tempted a number of times to buy all the beautiful embellishments you can see. Commercially available readymade embellishments certainly do not cost cheap and buying everything you find is certainly not practical. Rather than buying your accessories, why not make your own? Over the internet are various tutorials on how to make your own scrapbook ornaments.

For the frames, instead of buying sticker frames, you can simply assemble buttons or small flowers you already have around a photo and this will serve as an ingenious frame. You can also do the same if you want to create borders.

You can also make your own flowers by positioning heart shaped materials with their pointed ends toward the center. Paste a button or a circle object at the center and you already have tour flower.
Non-conventional Materials
Scrapbooking does not necessarily mean you need to buy brand new supplies from the store. Simply use your imagination and you will certainly find a lot of different materials lying around the home. You can make use of old newspaper and magazines, loose buttons from a shirt, fabric of old pair of jeans, bottle caps, etc. Again, the internet is a great place to look for tutorials and guides on how you can transform these things into useful scrapbooking supplies. Remember that there are practically no rigid rules to follow in making scrapbooks. Simply let your imagination and artistic qualities to flow and you can make exceptional projects.

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