Mixed Media: Thinking Beyond The Scrapbook Page

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With the addition of our new specialty papers, Clear Cuts and Invisibles, we’ve challenged our designers to think beyond the scrapbook page and create projects of all kinds using different mediums.


Dry Erase Calendar, by Kelly Holbrook.

The first thing that I noticed about the Invisibles was their super smooth surface…perfect for a dry erase marker. Then, when I saw the calendar, I knew that I wanted to hang it right on the refrigerator. I trimmed down the month cards, and mounted them along with some embellishments onto magnets. The magnets are the only thing holding it together. This makes it easy to switch out embellishments and backgrounds as the months change.






Color Chaos: Peep Strandz, Gulf Strandz, Guacamole Strandz, Scallop Strandz, Months, Treasures & Text, Trinkets; Invisibles: Calendar; Classic Calenders: Ice Calendar & Borders, Treasures & Text; Scattered Sprinkles: Ice Sprinkles, Treasures & Text; Freestyle Sophisticates: Freestyle Banana; Lucky Starz: Treasures & Text, Trinkets


Receipt Holder, by Jennifer Edwardson.

I am forever just stuffing receipts and little pieces of paper in my purse so I decided to try and fix that by making this cute little accordion folder to keep them tidy! Here is how I did it:

  • I cut this Invisible to 7″ wide by cutting in from each side
  • Then score at 3 1/2″ from top point and same at bottom.
  • Gently fold to create the folds
  • I cut (4) pieces of white card stock to 6 3/4″ horizontal by 6″ vertical and folded each in half to create each mini ‘file’
  • Adhere them back to back so you have 3 pockets as shown
  • Cut (8) strips of a Confetti Clear Cut to 1 x 3″ and fold each in half
  • Adhere this in between each piece of cardstock as shown; Be sure to adhere using a strong adhesive (I used Sook Wang)
  • Add a brad to the front and add some twine to wrap around to secure closed
  • Embellish inside if desired and enjoy!




Color Chaos: Gulf Strandz; Invisibles: First Love; Clear Cuts: Orange Confetti; Enamel Dots: Ice


“Love” mini book, by Jennifer Edwardson.

I absolutely LOVE the new Invisibles! There are so many fun things you can use them for. Not just layouts. I created this fun little mini book and I’ve included my instructions on how I created this so you can buy all the new Invisibles and create these on your own!

  • For his project, I cut the edges off of 2 sides 1 1/2″ in from each point
  • Score in half and fold and gently using the bone folder or ruler to tighten the crease
  • Fold (5) 8.5 x 11″ pieces of cardstock in half and round the right corners on all
  • Using a Crop A Dile or other strong hole punch, punch (2) holes in ‘spine’ of ‘book’ 1″ up from top & bottom
  • Cut (2) Clear Cut Transparency sheets to 8.5 x 11″ and do the same to create more pages; Mix in throughout the book as desired
  • Thread twine or ribbon and through twice and tie off on the outside as shown
  • Re-fold tightly to have it lay like a book and embellish as desired







Invisibles: Chit Chat; Clear Cut: Gulf Confetti, Guacamole Confetti; Color Chaos: Treasures & Text, Months, Words of Wisdom, Scallop Strandz, Gulf Strandz; Amorie Chipboard Alphas: Peep, White; Ciao Chipboard: Hearts and Stars; Campout: Chipboard Icons; Enamel Dots: Oreo Black, Ice; Enamel DooDads: Guacamole; Start Student: Trinkets; Simply Spring: Treasures & Text; Molly: Treasures & Text


“Fun At GB’s House” mini album, by Stephanie Buice

My son recently took a trip to his grandparent’s house for almost an entire week, he had a blast spending the day with his cousins and other family. White he was away my sister in law sent me pictures almost every day of all the different adventures they went on, I loved getting to see it all and it made the sting of missing him a little less. I decided that I wanted to take all the pictures she sent and make them into a mini album of some sort, I wanted it to be colorful and simple, just something that Brady could have to look at and remember all the fun he had. The new Clear Cuts made the perfect little pages and mixed with some of the invisibles made such a sturdy little album that I knew he would love.













Clear Cuts: Blueberry Confetti, Gulf Confetti, Bell Pepper Confetti, Orange Confetti, Punch Confetti, Pickle Juice Confetti; Invisibles: Brilliant, Referee; Family Forever: Paper Pieces; Max: Treasures & Text, Paper Pieces; Star Student: Chipboard Icons; Halloween Magic: Paper Pieces; Tiny Tots: Treasures & Text; Play Date: Treasures & Text; Classic Calendars: Journaling Stickers; Color Chaos: Orange Strandz, Punch Strandz, Guacamole Strandz, Gulf Strandz, Bell Pepper Strandz, Blueberry Strandz, Trinkets, Treasures & Text; Ciao Chipboard: Symbols, Hearts & Stars; Enamel Dots: Bell Pepper, Punch, Cotton Candy, Guacamole; Enamel Doodads: Bell Pepper, Guacamole, Ice, Cotton Candy


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