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Hello and good morning…

One thing that I really enjoy is working out. My lil sister and I enjoy working out together, and used to when we lived in the same state. But now that we live in different states, we chat about it and actually got the chance to go to the gym together while she was visiting over the Christmas break. We took a moment for a “sweaty selfie” after the class and the Fun Run line was perfect to scrap the photo with.

I added some journaling from the cutouts paper about how she got me going back to the gym about 6 years ago and what an impact it had and my life and I’m still going strong.

I also took the triangle banner stickers and used them as triangles and added some stitching for fun:

And then staggered strip sized on the top to mix it up:

So have fun, play with bold colors and scrap those selfies!!!

Thanks sooo much for stopping by and have a great day!!!!


FNR-1515 cutouts
FNR-1512 Covered in Color
FNR-1513 Just Run
FNR-2285 stickers
AL- 2279 white alphas

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